Turning the tide in Europe ?

Finally some positive news in the politics of Europe. While many a global commentator warned for the risks of a ‘socialist’ in one of Europe’s largest economies, and stocks and the Euro value dropped, I want to share the optimism of the Guardian, that “François Hollande’s [victory of ] the presidency of France, [is] turning the tide on a rightward and xenophobic lurch in European politics and vowing to transform Europe’s handling of the economic crisis (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/may/06/francois-hollande-becomes-french-president).

I suspect that Angela Merkel will show her commitment to Europe (as she has) and develop a new pact with her main European counter-part. It is particularly Hollande’s stance against xenophobia (which the ‘son of an immigrant’ could not muster), which gives confidence that a more inclusive France will look for international solutions to international problems. Let’s hope the Dutch will follow the example when they go to early polls – caused by early exit of Wilders who promptly went on a book tour in the US – in September.


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